Inspiring the World with Data

Our Solutions

We collect and process huge amount of data from various sources, which are from documents, online & social media, online commerce, image, video, voice, mobile telecommunication operator and geospatial data. 

  • Windsights (Data & Insight Services; Crawling, Wrangling, Analysis, Visualization)
  • Mobilite (People Mobility Intelligence from Spatial Data)
  • Semantic (Social Behavior & Online Media Analytics)
  • Smart (e-Commerce Intelligence)
  • Genio (Intelligent Vision Analytics)
  • Link-Match Analysis (Talent Matching Platform)


Use insights to increase foresight

Make strategic decisions based on advanced data analytics

Increase business agility and more innovation

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine

“(Peter Sondergaard)”

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